Salutations Monofreens!

We have two new pieces in the “Play” group show during the  Greenwood/Phinney Artwalk on Friday April 12th from 6-9PM at Urban Light Studios! We were especially excited to be asked to participate because a portion of the proceeds go to benefit Woodland Park Zoo‘s conservation fund. 

The show’s theme, “Play,” was inspired by the new Asian Small Clawed Otter exhibit that is opening at the Zoo this month! These little guys are some of the cutest and most active of the otter species, which is saying a lot for a species that hold hands while napping and eat food while floating around on their backs. Our two pieces were based on two of our favorite animals at the zoo – the orangutans and the grizzly bears.

“Fortress of Solitude” – Acrylic on birch panel

The orangutans at Wood  Park Zoo like to play with burlap coffee bean bags donated by our friends at Herkimer Coffee.   The orangutans can be seen sleeping, hiding, and playing with the burlap bags in their exhibits. They are also very messy artists, so between the hiding under the sheets and their penchant for popsicles, we really feel like we can relate to these greatest of apes.


“String Theory” – Acrylic, yarn, wood carving on birch panel

One of our favorite events at The Woodland Park Zoo (EVERRRR) is the Bear Affair. Besides having a snappy name, the event is designed to teach visitors the importance of setting up a bear-safe campsites. Zoo keepers purposefully set up a campsite incorrectly in the grizzly exhibit and let the bears loose to wreak havoc. After seeing this for the first time, we feel as if it might have backfired in messaging, because it looked like those guys were having a lot of fun and made us wonder how bad it would be in real life …. (reality check: REAL BAD)

Hope you can join us at Art Walk this Friday! ULS also has a few other shows going on at the same time, so its a great night to check out new art!

Urban Light Studios
8537 Greenwood Ave N Suite 1
Seattle, WA  98103


The official Monocol music video for the new single by Language Arts premieres today on Exclaim! Magazine!


Hola Monoamigos!

Hope those of you in America had a belly bustin’ Thanksgiving weekend, we sure did! We also buckled down over the holiday to wrap up post-production on the ”Wonderkind” music video with Language Arts. We can’t wait to show it to you – collaborations with other artists are probably our favorite type of projects.

“Wonderkind” filming break

We are also getting ready to pack our  bindles and head down to Portland for the annual Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Holiday Sale!

Come see us at Booth #192 on Saturday, December 8th and Sunday, December 9th! Alongside Monocol flimflam to purchase for your gift-giving needs, Chris Smith will be joining us again with her baby marimos and other new plant friends for you to adopt. We hope you can make it out to Crafty Wonderland, because the sheer amount of local and independent artists in one place is mind boggling!



We’ve got projects ramping up again here at the MonoFactory and are busy at work once again! Autumn has blown in with Halloween right around the corner, we can barely believe it


We are in the middle of working with our friends  Language Arts on a new music video for their upcoming album! It has adventure, acorns, and aphids in it so far. Stay tuned for the final cut!

We’ve also been accepted again as vendors at Crafty Wonderland’s Super Colossal Holiday Sale  in Portland, Oregon this December! We are working on some new prints, art, and other gift-giving flotsom and jetsom to bring to PDX this year.



Monocol just had its poster design entry selected as one of the 16 winners of this year’s “Forces of Nature” themed Hello Poster Show!

The posters will be on display at the Capitol Hill Cupcake Royale, with an opening event on April 5, 2012. The two-color silkscreened posters will be sold in person this one night only before being available for sale online. Proceeds benefit the non-profit Youth in Focus, a Seattle-based photography program that aims to empower urban teens through photography.

Hello Poster Show

PMS 1795 + PMS 571 = KABOOM

Hello Poster Show sketch

Post-It Concept

Hello Poster Show sketch

Sketchbook Concept


Happy Presidents’ Day, Monofreens! Updates, new projects, and more news forthcoming soon!


We are safely back in Seatown after a PAWESOME weekend at Portland’s Crafty Wonderland! It was our first craft fair and we were not sure what to expect in terms of attendance, size, etc. That said, we were blown away by how amazingly well put together Crafty Wonderland was and how many rad people and vendors we met both days. It was announced at the end of Sunday night that about 16,000 (!) people visited Crafty Wonderland over the weekend! Between all the amazing  vendors and free crafting demos, we hope all those thousands of people had as great of a time as we did! 

 Chris brought her last set of marimo moss ball babies as a last minute addition to the table and they were such a hit! Marimo are aquatic moss balls that live at the bottom of only two lakes in Japan and Iceland and can live to be hundreds of years old. Cultivated marimo live in common tap water and household light and grow about 1-5MM a year. Gwynne gave Chris a marimo for Christmas 4 or 5 years ago (marimo are often considered a symbol of eternal love and friendship in Japan), not knowing it would lead to Chris being a master marimo wrangler! The marimos sold out so quickly we didn’t even get a chance to snap a pic of them! We were able to get a few pictures of proud marimo parents though. 

Happy new owners of baby marimo!


Evan (and his amazing mustache) with his newly adopted marimo baby! Evan was holding down the fort at Man’s Face Stuff a few tables down from us!
Our goony tissue holders were very popular with both kids and adults – one customer told us it was the perfect gift for her mother because her mom “loves gold lamé and has nasal issues!” Hahaha!  It was fun to hear that people identifed with Photocopying Bear (Gwynne was telling people it was a self-portrait from her first job a few years ago) or that a Bogbot print  will  be the perfect Christmas present for someone’s brother. 

She was excited to use these two tissue derps as stocking stuffers this Christmas!



Proud owner of a "Paper Trail" Woodgill print!

 Sunday 6PM came a lot faster than we expected – we broke down our booth, had a nice, hot dinner at The Liberty Glass, and finally hit the road back to Seattle.  Thanks for the hospitality, Portland!  See you next year, Crafty Wonderland!

We will continue stocking our Etsy for last minute gift giving! Check back often!

Click to download!

Happy Sinterklaas, everyone!



Crafty Wonderland in Portland is just around the corner so we’ve been making our inventory lists and checking them twice! Over the past year we’ve mostly worked on pieces for shows and various commissioned projects and haven’t really had a chance to make fun stuff just for the heck of it. Working on new items for Crafty Wonderland has been a great way to end 2011 on a creative bang! 


We knew we needed an extra set of paws and recruited Chris Smith, a frequent MonoCollaborator  (notably on our big Fort show at the Anne Bonney) and bestfreen, to stamp out buttons, doodle on mugs, and find lots of ways to slack off. Check out these amazingly goofy Tissue Derps she sewed up! These guys are sure to make your sniffles more bearable this winter. Gesundheit


We’ve also printed up some Monocol cards for sending  yuletide greetings to your freens and fambly! Printed with our trusty Gocco, we hope you’ll want to send a Yuletide Bear or Happy Happy Holiday Hippo this year.You can find these card sets in our Etsy as well as at our table at Crafty Wonderland!


The Monolab is busy with lots of drawing, painting, sewing, and printing. We are excited to adventure our way to Portland in December for Crafty Wonderland’s Super Colossal Holiday Sale - only a few weeks away!

We are bring lots of new prints, birthday calendars, temporary tattoos, cards, mugs, and buttons to Crafty Wonderland. Not to mention all the other 200+ vendors selling independent and handmade things perfect for gift-giving to your best freens, teachers, bus drivers, and zoo keepers! We will also be stocking our Etsy with our new creations in case you don’t live near Portland!

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